Justin Hardy


Justin Hardy is Switch’s founder and native Alabamian from Gulf Shores. He graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Civil Engineering. As a result of his formal education and five years as a Structural Engineer, he brings a unique design perspective to Switch. His engineering design at Alcoa and his technical experience in the industry make him well-suited to audio/visual design applications; resulting in some of the finest systems found anywhere in the country. He combines theory, practical application and a passion for analysis and design. His many satisfied clients can attest to his mastery of the field and dedication to creating the best audio/visual systems without the high costs normally associated with the high quality systems he creates. As a result, you’ll hear and see just how much better Switch is than the competition.

Justin received a 2008 nomination for Small Business Owner of the Year. His design and integration work has been featured in Birmingham Real Estate Newspaper, Shelby Living Magazine, The Birmingham News, Home and Garden Magazine, Birmingham Works Magazine, and B Metro Magazine. He is a member of the Monday Morning Quarterback Club, which raises money to help crippled, injured, and sick children. He is the President of Phoenix BNI, a referral group in Birmingham that has passed over $5,000,000 in business in the past 5 years alone. He also sits as the Accelerator Chair of Birmingham’s Entrepreneur’s Organization, a business development group composed of 50+ Members, all of which are owners of companies and have revenues averaging over $10,000,000 each.