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How $40 can screw up $40,000

How $40 can screw up $40,000

By Erin Bowman, Marketing Communications Manager at SnapAV

Recently, I had to go through the process of buying a new car. Sure, there were the usual negotiations and haggling over the bottom line price, and playing the waiting game while the sales guy went back and forth between me and his manager – but once the deal was made, there was the upside: I got to jump in my shiny new ride and drive off into the sunset… or so I thought.

I was sorely disappointed.

After an hour and a half in the business manager’s office, I walked out to find my new car still in the service area getting cleaned up. The sales guy was frantically trying to get my license plate attached, and the manager was trying to track down the second set of keys. When I was finally able to get in it, the floor mats were all shoved in the rear cargo area, the navigation screen was frozen, the owner’s manual was missing, and here’s the kicker… the fuel gauge was on empty. Apparently it wasn’t worth their time or money to spend $40 on a tank of gas. Fast forward to several weeks later, and I’m still waiting on my owner’s manual.

It’s those little details at the end that can really make or break a buying experience. Even very small mistakes or oversights can create major setbacks in customer relationships. As custom installers, it can sometimes be tempting to get out of the customer’s house as fast as possible in order to get on to the next job. But don’t leave in such a hurry that you potentially leave a big wake behind you…

Doing a thorough clean-up of the job site is a no-brainer; but taking the time to set up their Sonos favorites, or leaving behind their favorite movie, shows them that you care.

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing how your new equipment works. Taking the time to prepare a quick reference guide for that new universal remote, or basic commands for a control system, can go a long way in keeping your customers happy long after you’re gone.

Make sure to do a follow-up call within a few days of the job completion to make sure the customer isn’t having any issues, and follow that up with a one month care package. An unexpected, small gift to your customer can be a huge reminder of the kind of business you run.

If you don’t already, schedule an anniversary follow-up call or visit to the home to make sure things are still running smoothly – and so you’re top of mind for referrals and/or any other projects they might be considering.

Sometimes it’s what you don’t do that makes the biggest impact on the customer. So make it a point to sweat the small stuff. Because in the end, it might just be those small things that make the difference between a happy customer who gives a great referral, and a disgruntled one… who may or may not have left a not-so-kind review on Yelp…allegedly.

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