COMPLETE Audio Video solutions FROM SWITCH

The Switch team of experts can create a system that addresses the needs of your office, company and your budget. We’ll create a system you can be proud to show to customers or clients. We won’t tell you what we think you need. We listen. The systems we create are an exacting, outstanding response to what your company wants.

    • Dentist Offices

      Open Wide. No, your eyes.

      With properly placed TVs and soothing music from speakers, your clients will look forward to coming your office, instead of the cliché dread of drilling noises and uncomfortable conversations with a mouth full of metal objects. We specialize in the dental industry, have more than 100 DMDs in our portfolio, and know all of the in-and-outs to make your office “the place to be” for the cleanings and fillings.

    • Medical Offices

      Worth the waiting room

      Sitting in a waiting room will become a pleasant experience for your patients when they have TV and music to keep them entertained. Don’t leave them sitting with nothing but crusty old magazines to keep them company.

    • Board Rooms

      big decisions made easy

      Your partners, investors, employees, and clients deserve to have a place to review bedgets, find answers, receive education, and walk through proposals in comfort and style. Easy-to-use AV systems help to maximize your efforts and allow better communication, education, and profitability.

    • Conference Rooms

      meetings you want to attend

      Easy-to-use video projection and sound systems allow for easier communication between associates and staff. Developing a stronger business is easier when paralleled with the educational tools needed to educate and motivate yourself and others.

    • Training Rooms

      Look, Listen, Learn

      Your training rooms will be more efficient and your company will be up-to-date and allow your training staff to connect with employees across the room or across the world.

    • Alarm Systems

      Chase Leads, not thieves

      Keep your business and employees safe with an easy-to-use alarm system. Our systems can be controlled on-site or from a mobile device from anywhere in the world. We help you keep your focus where it belongs with no more worries of safety.

    • Controlled Access

      Your digital locksmith

      Keep track of who comes and goes. Save money by never having to cut a key or call a locksmith when an new hire is made or when an employee leaves the company. A fingerprint reader or a simple little plastic key fob is all that is needed for locking and unlocking. Give individuals access to only the areas they need to go and keep areas restricted as desired.

    • Intercom Systems

      may I have your attention please

      Effectively communicating with everyone in your office saves you time and money. An intercom system allows for fluid communication and keeps employees working without the need to walk across the office to ask a question.

    • Paging Systems

      Danger will robinson

      Your office or school can stay informed by providing announcements such as tornado warnings and evacuation notices. Stay safe with fast, effective paging announcements that keep everyone on campus aware and alert.

    • Phone Systems

      Hold all my calls, please

      Never miss a call or voicemail with a properly designed and installed phone system. Give your clients the ability to find any department or employee quickly and efficiently. Also, setup “road-blocks” to keep the public from reaching certain extensions inside the company. If desired, a Switch phone systems can also track down employees even when they are away from their desk.