Complete Home Entertainment

The Switch team of experts can create a system that addresses your needs, your space, and your budget. We’ll create a system you can be proud of and enjoy for many, many years. The systems we create are an exacting, outstanding response to what you want. Home Audio, Home Video, Whole Home Automation, Security.

    • Smart Home Automation

      Your house in your pocket

      A smart home is a home with an elegant, centralized control system that makes living and entertaining easier and much more enjoyable throughout your home. Your system may integrate indoor and outdoor lighting, security, surveillance cameras, air conditioning, heating, music, HD video, intercom, garage door openers, pools, and more into very easy to use touch screen controllers.

    • Lighting Control

      If it weren’t for Edison we’d be watching TV by candlelight

      Switch can brighten up any space in your home with fully controlled lighting. Our easy to use systems allow you to individually control lights throughout your home with the touch of a button. Dim areas when watching a movie or create “scenes” throughout your home to create a unique atmosphere for any occasion.

    • Custom Remote Programming

      So easy your dog could use it

      Switch offers complete remote control programming. We can program your remote so that with one click the entire system will boot up and display exactly what you want. Do you hate having multiple remotes? That’s one less thing to worry about as we give you one remote to control everything in your home theater or media room. Sorry, we no longer support the husband mute button.

    • Home Theaters

      Bring the Big Screen Home

      We will help you to create the ultimate home theater experience in your home that will bring movies, sporting events, games, and TV shows to life with furniture and equipment that will amaze even the most discriminating media buffs. We offer projectors, visually pleasing acoustic wall treatments, sound–proofing, starlit ceilings and more in a turn–key solutions.

    • Surround Sound Systems

      We’ve got you surrounded

      Switch has experienced sound technicians, trained designers, and a former structural engineer on staff. We design each of our systems in-house and, as a result, we guarantee your satisfaction on every project we provide.



    • Media Rooms

      make your house the “cool house”

      Spend quality time with your family and friends with a complete home media center. An affordable, quality experience that everyone can enjoy all year long. Watch HDTV, Blu-ray DVD’s, play video games, download movies, or surf the web all at one location with digital surround sound and crystal–clear HD picture. A built in media center increases the value of your home and it’s resale potential.

    • Alarm Systems

      we must pro-tech this house

      Protect for Family and Assetts with a properly design alarm system. Automatically notify the Police and Fire Department. Keep on eye on your home by viewing cameras on your mobile device. Unlock and lock your doors for the friends and family without having to leave a key under your doormat or giving out your alarm code.

    • Outdoor Entertainment

      Think outside the house

      Putting a TV or sound system outside can completely change an outdoor space and create a larger livable space. Watching a sporting event or movie outside in the fall is a great experience and Switch can provide everything you need to create the ultimate outdoor entertainment space.

    • Landscape Lighting

      The Grass is actually greener

      Allow your home to have the best possible curb appeal and make it easier for guests to make their way to your front door. Landscape lighting will make your house stand out as beautifully at night, as it does during the day.

    • Home Networking

      meet the brains behind the operation

      WIFI, Internet, and sharable printers have become a must in every home. Switch can provide these services and more with our home networking services. We will help ensure your home stays connected and in touch with the world around you. We can also make sure the kids aren’t looking where they shouldn’t.

    • Door Lock Control

      Forgot Your keys? Forget your keys.

      Unlock and lock your doors for the “bug-guy” or other unexpected visitors without having to leave a key under your doormat., all from your mobile device. Also, Switch can program your doors to lock automatically each night, just in case you forgot when you went to bed.

    • Thermostate Control

      Control Freaks

      One of the best things about having a smart home is its ability to respond intelligently to changing conditions. And one of the best examples of this is climate control. Many “smart” thermostats give you the option of setting temperatures for various times of the day. We can provide you with a complete smart home system that can set the perfect temperature, whether you’re home or away.

    • Surveillance Cameras

      You darn kids get off my lawn!

      Protect your property and family, or keep tabs on nannies, babysitters, any potential threats or TPers. Switch gives you the ability to monitor your security cameras free of charge from anywhere in the world via your iPhone, iPad, or computer. We are trained and certified in the State of Alabama, so we know exactly what needs to be done.

    • Audio Installation

      speakers of the house

      Audio when you want it, where you want it. Switch offers customized audio installation throughout your home. Switch can place in-ceiling, in-wall, outdoor or stand alone speakers throughout your home that will not only sound incredible, but will also be visually pleasing, blending into the aesthetics of your space.

    • Video Installation

      TV When you want it

      Switch is experienced in creating unique spaces that house your TV and entertainment equipment. Whether it’s a TV rising up at the foot of your bed, a mirror that converts into a TV or a projector dropping down from the ceiling, Switch has got you covered. These spaces allow flexibility within a multi-functioning room to hide TV’s and entertainment areas when you aren’t using them.

    • Whole Home Music

      A sound investment

      Want to listen to to your iPod or the game on the patio, kitchen, or bedroom? We can make it happen. From simple multi–zone systems with in–ceiling speakers and volume controls to the newest touch panels and docking stations, we have the right system for your needs.

    • TV Hangs

      mount up

      Hanging a TV properly is a perfect blend of science and art. We make sure that all cabling is hidden out of site and that your TV is securely attached to the wall. We can provide a full-motion wall bracket to allow the TV to be viewed at an angle. We can even design to your liking a mirror and frame to make your TV disappear when not in use.

    • Security

      be your own big brother

      Switch is experienced in installing home security systems. We carry an impressive selection of the highest quality security components. Our integrators are CEDIA certified and are also certified with every brand we install. We will work personally with you to tailor a system that seamlessly integrates into your home without compromising the architecture or design.

    • Man Caves

      Hang out, with your gang out

      Are Saturdays and Sundays taken over by your husband and all his friends watching football? A designated space for your guy and his friends allows the nachos and beer to be spilled in a controlled environment and the noise to not upset the napping kids. Get him out of the living room and into the basement so you don’t have to fumigate once all his friends leave. Guys… you’re welcome.

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